Lunch Program - Support the Soupman
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Bag Lunches
Homeless Lunches in Brockton


Support the Soupman literally started with Founder Peter Kelleher handing out cups of hot soup. His infamous hamburger soup has helped warm the stomach and soul of several thousand homeless throughout the greater Boston and New England region. The name Soupman was actually gifted to Peter by the homeless individuals he serves.

For the past two years, Peter and a group of volunteers would travel to Brockton, Quincy, Boston, New Bedford, and Fall River to deliver a hot bowl of soup. They would purchase the ingredients out of their own pockets and gather at a local Church to prepare and cook their comforting meal.

The winter months are the toughest here in New England. Therefore, in the cold season, the Soupman also provides those he serves with hand warmers, hats, gloves, boots, sweatshirts and coats from the back of the big red bus.


Through a sign up genius, volunteers were given an opportunity to bring premade sandwiches, water and snacks to compile bag lunches. These items were brought to a local church were a team of volunteers would assemble lunches into brown bags decorated by children and senior citizens. These Saturday lunches successfully launched the Soupman’s name into the community.

With the arrival of COVID19, we had to switch directions and focused on getting out bag lunches to the homeless and those who were serving on the frontlines. 

We are proud to share that the Soupman handed out 19,900 bag lunches over the first couple of months of COVID19.

We could not have done this without you!

We are so greatful for the ongoing support of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers. Without their generosity and kindness, none of what we do would be possible. Our mission, simply put, is people helping people.  Please, consider making a donation so you can help us to help the homeless. THANK YOU!