Services - Support the Soupman
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Services We Offer

From Maine through New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, we care, clean, clothe, connect, and feed the needs of our homeless.

  • Mobile Showers

    We would like the homeless to experience just a few of life’s comforts that most of us take for granted.

  • Clothes

    We provide backpacks full of the essentials and clothes that are seasonally appropriate.

  • Lunch Program

    We serve bagged lunches in the summertime and HOT SOUP in the winter to keep New England's homeless nourished.

Watch the Video Below to See How It All Comes Together

Services Offering Dignity and Hope

It is critically important that we don’t lose sight of the more vulnerable members of our community. They are someone’s son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, uncle, aunt, grandfather, or grandmother. Knowing this, we are passionate about helping individuals who are experiencing homelessness.

People experiencing homelessness come from all education levels, races, ethnicity, family structures, sexuality, and genders. They all arrive at homelessness for a variety of reasons, including loss of employment, eviction, health and medical changes, abuse, addiction, and abandonment.

No matter the circumstances of the story, all victims of homelessness have one. Theirs are the stories worth listening to, learning from, and sharing with others. Support the Soupman understands when community members, corporations and their leaders take the time to understand the plight of the homeless, they will undoubtedly be compelled to do their part to help provide basic human needs, resulting in DIGNITY, RESPECT, HOPE, and CONNECTION.